Miss Tipsy is a sparkling character that flirts with electronic music events, bars, clubs, off locations and festivals in Berlin and around.

She offers traditionally produced Bio and Ecological CAVA BRUT, BRUT NATURE,ROSE AND CLASICO (sparkling wine) from a Suriol family enterprise in Catalunya to smoothen the use of organic and vegan quality products with affordable price.

Consume quality products to support yourself and 

Sustain the bio, ecological and organic culture of this planet.

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DISCOunt 30 % 

Petition: Abschaffung der Schaumweinsteuer


Mrs. & Mr. Tipsy

If you manage one of these locations mentioned below:

We are ready for a Tipsy deal to send a Bio & Ecological message to your guests by consuming. 
Festival, Bar, Club, BIO-Vegan-Coffee shop, Market, special Event or Space.

Get in touch : alles@misstipsy.de

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